Best Homecoming Hairstyles for 2010

  • on Friday, September 24, 2010
  • Now that school has begun for most of the country, let us turn our attention to the most highly anticipated formal occasion for most high school girls: Homecoming.

    I grew up in Texas, where homecoming was A Very Big Deal because football was A Very Big Deal (seen "Friday Night Lights?"). Homecoming wasn't quite the big deal prom was, but it meant getting dressed up and going to a dance and hopefully having a very cute boy take you to said dance. Someone in the senior class would be crowned homecoming queen right there on the football field (I think there was a homecoming king, too, but we girls were always fixated on being queen). Homecoming was such a big deal in Texas, even colleges had them! I was on the homecoming court my freshman, sophomore and junior years.

    So in honor of Homecoming 2010, here are photo galleries of Best Homecoming Hair to inspire you.

    Photo: Lea Michele of "Glee" by Jason Merritt, Getty Images

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